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Cat Reiki: What Is It?

Throughout these past couple of months, we have looked at the many ways cats exercise their spiritual abilities to us humans. We have looked at how they care, heal, and love us. I hope you, my dearest reader, have gotten some insight, and I hope I converted you into a crazy cat lady/person just like myself. Today, we will look at how cats can be lucky charms and ways to do reiki on your favorite feline. You may be asking yourself—what is reiki exactly? And frankly, I’m glad you asked! In layman’

Cattitudes Around Religion and Spirituality

We can learn a lot about cats and how they reveal their spiritual tendencies to us. By reading my blog, I hope I opened up your mind to how cats and spirituality align closely. Today, we will look at characteristics of cats that can be spiritual. One article talks about cats’ things that keep them in touch with their spiritual side and what they teach us. Cats can teach us many different things like how to be patient, attentive, and how to be silent. Cats are so in touch with themselves that the

How Cats Absorb Negative Energy

If you haven’t picked up on this already, I love cats. I think cats are the most versatile animals in the world. They can be loving, mean, thoughtful, independent. They are practically little bundles of joy who happen to have fur with a built-in motor. Today, we will look at some instances in which cat parents have seen their cats exhibit some spiritual tendencies. In this article, the author takes several quotes from cat owners who have said that their cat tries to communicate with them somehow

Cats Have “Felines,” Too

A beautiful, chunky, orange cat looks very confused as they stare into the distance.

Relationships take work, some give, and some take, especially a relationship with a cat. Cats don’t blindly trust as most dogs do; it takes a lot of time and patience to gain a cat’s trust. That is why today, we will look at some ways we “crush” our cat’s spirit, crystal therapy for cats, and ways in which cats can spiritually communicate with us humans. Contrary to popular belief, animals have feelings, too. T

Spiritual Cat Names For Your Next Cat!

Now that we have the groundwork of what makes cats such spiritual beings, why don’t we explore some spiritual names to match the theme? Today, we will explore some of the spiritual names you can give to your future kitten or cat! According to this article, the author provides 110 options; let’s go through a few and see what they mean. The first name that caught my eye was “Aura,” which is Greek and is used for a female cat; it means “a luminous field that envelops all beings.” Another one that c

The Symbolism of Cat Fur and the Loving Nature of The Cat

A brown cat and its owner touching hand and paw in daylight.

Did you know that by the color of cats, we can figure out the spiritual meaning behind them? There are about five different colors of cats that all hold a specific purpose. For instance, black cats have a not-so-good connotation with our society, as superstitious people believe they have bad luck attached to them. According to an article titled “What It Means When You Dream About Cats (Or See One),” black cats are seen as healers. Whi

Cats: Spirituality’s Best Friend

Cats and humans have always had a unique relationship. They only meow to us humans; they purr when they’re happy, they demand food, they can be mean and independent. Cats aren’t typically seen as man’s best friend but spirituality’s best friend. They can repel negative energy, wake us up from bad dreams, and can even dispel curses. An article called “Blessed Be The Home That Welcomes A Cat – Spiritual Benefits” talks about the evidence that cats are tied to the spiritual realm. For instance, cat

The Benefits of Purring, History, and Healing Powers of the Cat

A beautiful brown cat with piercing green eyes and a green collar to match.

Felix, Garfield, and Tom, who knew they had a spiritual side? Cats are furry, cute, and their meows are adorable. They are one of the best animals on this planet—and they can get even better. It’s known that cats can have spiritual tendencies and can even have connections to the spiritual world. According to “A Feline Mystery: Why Cats Are So Deeply Associated With Spirituality,” by “You And Meow,” they break down diffe